Protecting Planes from Lightning Strikes

Since 2005, John Sulzbach of Killingworth, CT, has served as production manager for Astroseal Products. In this role, John Sulzbach of Killingworth, CT, oversees the manufacture and sale of lightning protection products for aerospace companies.

When lightning strikes an aircraft, it travels almost immediately from entry points to exit points. Without protection, the charge naturally gravitates to denser areas such as the nose, engine cowlings, and tail tips. Because the nose cone, or radome, is particularly vulnerable in that it contains the plane’s radar, manufacturers create the structure of composite material and install metallic lightning diverters to channel the charge away from sensitive areas.

The traditional aluminum construction of aircraft channels electric charge safely from entry to exit, though modern composite aircraft require the addition of conductive fibers across the body to conduct the charge. Meanwhile, additional surge suppressors and advanced shielding techniques are required to protect electronic systems that allow the pilots to control the aircraft’s movable parts. Thicker skins around fuel tanks and conductive bonding for lights keep other sensitive structures safe. Additionally, special structures known as dissipaters also serve to concentrate an electric charge, thus also providing protection against normal static electricity.


Three Places to Visit in Belize

Since 2005, John Sulzbach of Killingworth, CT, has managed a manufacturing staff of 25 at Astroseal Products. In his free time, John Sulzbach enjoys traveling away from his home in Killingworth, CT, and has visited Peru, Guatemala, and Belize, among other countries.

Bordering Mexico and Guatemala, Belize offers a wide range of tourist opportunities, including its white sand Caribbean beaches. Here are a few locations you should consider when planning your trip to Belize:

Actun Tunichil Muknal

After its discovery in 1992, the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave has developed into a popular destination for travelers. In addition to the natural limestone formations, visitors have found various works of Mayan pottery and stoneware. The cave is located about an hour’s drive west of Belmopan, the capital of Belize.


Previously home to an estimated 150,000 Mayan citizens, Caracol features the Canaa pyramid, which stands at 143 feet tall. Located on the Vaca Plateau, this city has attracted tourists for centuries for its jungle landscape and various pyramids.

The Great Blue Hole

Created by a sinkhole in the ocean’s floor, the Great Blue Hole provides a unique combination of limestone and stalactites to divers and photographers. More than 40 miles off the coast of Belize, the Great Blue Hole began as a cave that later submerged following the glacial period.

An Arborist License – Testing and Knowledge Requirements

John Sulzbach, a resident of Killingworth, CT, currently serves as a production manager for Astroseal Products, where he manages a team of 25 employees. Outside of his work with Astroseal, John Sulzbach pursues his interest in arboriculture and has earned a Connecticut arborist license.

A licensed arborist has completed the education and training required by state regulations to practice arboriculture, which involves using techniques like cabling and aeration to improve the health of a wide range of trees. Issued by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, an arborist license can only be earned after first passing an initial written exam and then completing a performance test with the Tree Protection Examining Board.

These exams ensure that arborists possess a breadth of knowledge on tree diagnosis, treatment, and operational practice. For example, a licensed arborist can recognize the causes of tree abnormalities, determine the best method of disease control based on a variety of factors, and safely operate sprayers when utilizing pesticides.

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Earning an Arborist License in Connecticut

John Sulzbach, a resident of Killingworth, CT, currently works as a production manager for Astroseal Products in Chester. When he is not managing a 25-person staff and overseeing all aspects of business, John Sulzbach spends time as a licensed arborist in and around Killingworth, CT.

The practice of arboriculture by a qualified arborist encompasses various practices of maintenance for shade, ornamental, and fruit trees. In the state of Connecticut arborists who wish to practice in a professional setting must first achieve a license as issued by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP). Through the DEEP, the Tree Protection Examining Board hosts license examinations four times per year. Arborists must first pass a written test with the DEEP before being approved for the official license exam.

During the license exam, arborists will have their knowledge tested in several areas of arboriculture, ranging from the identification of Connecticut’s common trees in the winter and summer months to the diagnosis of various injuries and abnormalities. Individuals who pass the evaluation process must undertake 12 continuing education credits within five years of the exam to maintain the license.

International Society of Arboriculture’s Annual Conference

Killingworth, CT, resident John Sulzbach currently serves as a plant manager for Astroseal Products. Outside of his current position, John Sulzbach is a member of the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), an organization dedicated to serving arborists and promoting the benefit of trees worldwide.

ISA hosts an Annual Conference and Trade Show where arborists from around the globe can discuss new research, technology trends, and innovative methods of tree care. As a hub for professional exchange, the annual conference includes educational sessions with industry leaders serving as the keynote speakers. The three-day tradeshow also provides ample time for networking.

To encourage public participation, the event features events like the Arbor Fair, which offers free, entertaining tree care activities. The conference also presents professional tree climbers as they compete in the ISA International Tree Climbing Championship. In five exciting rounds, competitors demonstrate how to safely climb and maneuver in a tree while quickly accomplishing tree maintenance tasks.