Popular Mexican Spices

Image: homecooking.about.com

John Sulzbach, an entrepreneur at Proper Tree and a licensed arborist in Killingworth, Connecticut, enjoys cooking. One of John Sulzbach’s favorite food styles is Mexican, which uses a variety of spices to create its unique taste.

The fresh, earthy taste in many Mexican dishes is because of oregano. While it is typically associated with Italian food, it is also common in Mexican dishes. Cumin is also popular beyond the Mediterranean. The bitter, smoky, toasty taste brings a unique flavor to Mexican dishes and ingredients, including taco seasonings.

Another one of these spices is chili powder. This mild seasoning contains a variety of spices, including cumin and oregano. It is typically used in vegetables and meats. Different kinds of chili powder have different flavors, like ancho (for a sweet, rich taste) and chipotle (which is a dried jalapeno).

Many cooks also use cilantro in their Mexican foods. They use the seeds (coriander) as well as the leaves, all of which are edible. This flavor is common in cheese, salsa, soup, beans, and rice.


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