Pruning Helps Promote Healthy Growth in Trees

A graduate of Hobart and William Smith Colleges, John Sulzbach is a production management professional based in Killingworth, CT. John Sulzbach obtained his arborist certification in 2013 and today focuses on developing new tree care skills.

One simple way to care for trees and promote healthy growth is through the act of pruning, which is the strategic removal of branches in order to foster growth and health in trees. If a tree branch that is dead or displays symptoms of disease is not quickly removed, it can attract harmful insects that may invade the healthy parts of the tree. It is also beneficial to monitor the density of a tree’s canopy, as a canopy that is too thick with branches prevents the tree from acquiring adequate circulation and airflow.

Additionally, when two strong limbs grow co-dominantly toward the top of a tree, the weaker among the two should be pruned in order to give the stronger limb a better chance to grow, thus creating a healthier balance among branches.


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