An Arborist License – Testing and Knowledge Requirements

John Sulzbach, a resident of Killingworth, CT, currently serves as a production manager for Astroseal Products, where he manages a team of 25 employees. Outside of his work with Astroseal, John Sulzbach pursues his interest in arboriculture and has earned a Connecticut arborist license.

A licensed arborist has completed the education and training required by state regulations to practice arboriculture, which involves using techniques like cabling and aeration to improve the health of a wide range of trees. Issued by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, an arborist license can only be earned after first passing an initial written exam and then completing a performance test with the Tree Protection Examining Board.

These exams ensure that arborists possess a breadth of knowledge on tree diagnosis, treatment, and operational practice. For example, a licensed arborist can recognize the causes of tree abnormalities, determine the best method of disease control based on a variety of factors, and safely operate sprayers when utilizing pesticides.


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